Welcome Mr. Javier Gonzale to join with AI

Dear Ladies and Gentle Men

Accountability International (AI) has been established for five years in Australia which was trying to mobilize global resources to bring leaders of different countries to have accountable to their citizens. Then, it was expanded to Cambodia in 2015 called Accountability Cambodia. We believe that open government will improve social justice, democracy, transparency and accountability which can solve major problems in Cambodia as well as in other developing countries. This is one of the reasons that we have ambition to introduce a Voluntary Income and Asset Declaration Online (VIADO) to encourage Cambodian citizens and leaders of CSOs play a role model of integrity for the Government leaders. It is considered a successful reform because we have been working voluntarily in a high sensitive issue that other donors and NGOs who have spent millions of dollar annually in the last 20 years cannot pressure the Cambodian government to practice an open asset declaration. However, we have gained many participation of politicians, students, CSOs’ leaders, and government officials. Our mission is not ended yet because we have received a small amount of interested persons to join with our program. We have planned to empower it to Cambodians at large when the political situation is better. Currently, the Cambodian government is under the international pressure because it is criticized to shutdown a main opposition party, kicked out free press and major NGOs who are not afraid to criticize its weaknesses, and heavily violated human rights.

So far, we have shifted our approach working locally to creating international team in order to expand our institution internationally. We maintain our believe that working by heart is a very powerful mean to address major problems in societies. Mr. Pierrick Harant is one of our dedicated leaders, who just joined with Accountability International in the last few months, has revitalized our vision in France. It is registered as a NGO called Accountability International France. His great ambition is to introduce VIADO in European and expend AI’s branches in EU members. He also invited his friend, Mr. Javier Gonzalez, who has a strong background in Accounting and Finance to join with AI. Javier has been working for international companies in many countries. Our main task in short and medium term is to strengthen AI institution, build team members, and make partnership with NGOs and donors.

Thanks so much Mr. Pierrick Harant’s achievement, and congratulation Accountability International France. Welcome Mr. Javier Gonzale to join with AI.

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