Corruption and Nepotism

Dear Ladies and Gentle Men

Corruption and nepotism has been undermining the governance system in most of the developing countries, including Cambodia. NGO sector, one of the core governance pillars, is not free from the spoil system. However, Accountability International and Accountability Cambodia has initiated a very successful peaceful revolution without costing money. In the last four years, we have arranged many events and activities without relaying on funding of donors, but we have received tiny contributions of some interested members and our research activities. Many donors has spent million dollar annually in the last 20 years, but they failed to achieve it. We have a great remarkable achievement by receiving many supports of politicians, NGOs, government officials and students in implementing a Voluntary Income and Asset Declaration Online (VIADO). They are not afraid to declare their personal asset information to the public, while the Cambodian Anti-Corruption Law and the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) just required the high ranking officials to practice a closed asset declare.

Our mission to revolutionizing the Cambodian governance system without money is realizing. Recently, AC’s research team has gained a bidding research of Cooperation Committee of Cambodia (CCC) (the biggest Cambodian NGO umbrella agency) on Strengthening Civil Society for Democratic and Sustainable Development in Cambodia which funded of 1 Million EUR by EU for four year period. We have inserted VIADO in the NGO Governance and Professional Practice (GPP) in order to strengthening the integrity of NGO sector as the model of the public. It is hoped that it might have major changes and impacts in the Cambodian NGOs and the governance system in the next few years.

An effective reform starts from you, not from others.

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