Message from Accountability Cambodia

The Cambodian political storm has been blowing really strong in the last few months. Almost all of the independent news were forced to shut down, and the Cambodian National Rescue Party and advocacy NGOs are under the sever threats. These factors are really undermined the healthy of democracy in Cambodia, and it is really hard to see the upcoming national election will be free and fair. It is also affected to the AC’s plan which we expected to promote the integrity politicians in the upcoming election on July 29th 2018.

However, AC’s research team has been offered an assignment to conduct a baseline survey of Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) on Strengthening Civil Society for Democratic and Sustainable Development in Cambodia. We have a great opportunity to interview all relevant stakeholders including senior government officials, NGOs, development partners, and private sector. Some of the interviewees suggested that CCC and NGOs should practice a voluntary income and asset declaration online (VIADO) as a role model to drive change in order to enhance their transparency and accountability to their donors and public.

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