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AI is looking volunteers and freelance consultants in the following fields :

1. Information technology
2. Monitoring and Evaluation
3. Project/program management
4. Law
5. Policy development
6. International Relations
7. Business Administration
8. Marketing strategies
9. Public relation
10. Accounting and financial management
11. Human resource management
12. Youth and Gender empowerment
13. Good governance, democracy, the rule of law, human rights,
14. Post conflict development expert.
15. Auditing

Please send a letter of your interest in with a specific positon and CV to this email:

The volunteer Benefits of being a member (free membership)

-Build friendships around the world
-Receive free information about AI

Benefits of being a VIP member

-Access to global, social capital wherever you are
-The opportunity to apply your knowledge, and gain skills and experience
-If you need a recommendation or referee when applying for a job, you have a responsibility to do your best in your future career, as this will make it easier to provide recommendations. So, the committee will require information about your work performance, as this will make it easier to provide recommendations.
-Receive support from a diverse group of people with a deep pool of knowledge; to maximize your potential and shape your future career.
Have the opportunity to be elected as an executive team member, a committee member or a leader; to lead AI into the future.
-Exercise your decision making power with regard to the AI budget and AI activities, to maximize accountability and transparency, as well as the impact of AI’s operations.

Your contribution

-Annual membership fee of AU$ 5 in support of operations and events.
-Voluntarily share your skills and knowledge to improve mutual benefits.
-Build global social capital to improve public institutions and public accountability
-Build a better society based on people-centred development
-Maximize the development of human capital
-Introduce better governance
-Improve service delivery
-Reduce corruption and poverty
-Introduce democracy and human rights
-Ensure the rule of law is followed
-Bring about justice, equality and equity
-Build an inclusive society
-Build harmonization and increase prosperity.

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