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Accountability Cambodia (AC) is registered as a non-partisan, non-government organization (NGO) by the Ministry of Interior on September 2nd 2014. It is created by a group of Cambodian committed students, and with the support of like-minded friends, scholars and professors. Those who joined did so to create social capital, to improve accountability and democracy around the world – especially in Cambodia.

Recently, AC initiates a project on Voluntarily Income and Asset Declaration Online (VIADO). It is an independent and neutral social network to promote VIADO among Cambodian non-governmental organizations (NGOs), associations, unions, political parties, private sector and public sector. It is a volunteered based, and supported by Cambodian NGO leaders. Any NGO leaders who support VIADO does not represent their institutions. Any interested Cambodian people and foreigners are welcomed to join this group. We do not discriminate their political tendency, race, color, age, and others. Membership is free, but we welcome any contribution.

We hope that this initiative will enhance integrity, transparency, and accountability of leaders in public, private, civil society organizations and Cambodian society.

On date 15th January 2016, VIADO working group arranged a meeting to discuss on a VIADO form and other issues. There were 12 interested people join this meeting. Ms. Prak Sokhany is a facilitator. The results of the meeting are following:

  1. Established VIADO identity including vision, mission, membership.
  2. Discussed details a VIADO form. We will arrange public consultations and another meeting in February to verify with experts and adopt it.
  3. We will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) among interested people individually after we adopt the form.
  4. Selected three contacted people including:
    1. Mr.          Kuy          Mearssamnang,         Tel:          093-849747,         Email:
    1. Ms. Prak Sokhany, Tel: 012-940 851, Email:
    1. Mr. Choub Metta, Tel: 096-4533371, Email:
  5. Selected two volunteers to help in administration including
    1. Mr. Puth Kolka, Tel: 093-724516, Email:
    1. Mr. Choeurn Bondith, Tel: 096-9068689, Email:


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